Penstock Supplier to the water industry. Suppliers of:- Penstocks, stoplogs, flap valves, handstops, paddle gates, weir plates & scum boards, flood defence equipment


Handstops are designed for easy lifting operation, with either handles or handholes.

Handstops have a flush invert as standard, to allow self cleansing flow which eliminates grit & debris pockets, this further reduces turbulence.

Handstops can be manufactured either square or rectangular.

Handstops are manufactured in plastic, stainless steel, galvanized steel, painted steel, aluminium & GRP.

Handstops are suitable for either wall mounting or channel mounting.

Wall Mounting Handstops Series HS are designed for door depth on / off seating pressure

Wall mounting Handstop frames can be manufactured suitable for face fixing or side wall fixing or both.

Channel Mounting Handstop Series HS are designed for door depth on / off seating pressure.

Channel Mounting Handstop frames are suitable for grouting into a prepared civil rebate at both sides & invert.

Handstop Frames can be supplied with channel mounting on one side & wall mounting on the other side.

Invert section of Handstop Frame can be supplied with a flat at invert suitable for vertical fixing.

Handstop Frames are manufactured in stainless steel, galvanised steel & painted steel.

Handstop Frames are supplied complete with parallel seals bonded to both inside faces of the vertical channel section.

Handstops Doors can be supplied in stainless steel, galvanised steel, plastic HDPE, aluminium & GRP.

Handstop Doors are supplied complete with lifting handle(s) or handholes for ease of removal.

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